13th European Headache Congress

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Registrations to the 13th EHF Congress 2019 will be available though the official EHF site until May 24th. After this date, only onsite registrations will be available.


EHF Congress 2019

Welcome to the Official EFH Congress 2019 site. The Scientific Committee as well as the Organization Team of the Congress, are proud to announce and invite you to the 13th European Headache Federation Congress that will be held in the “Megaron” Athens International Conference Centre (MAICC), on May 30th - June 1st 2019.


European Headache Federation

Since its foundation in 1992, EHF (European Headache Federation), a non-profit organization, has sought to improve the life of those affected by headache in Europe. Learn more: What to Know Before Taking Zithromax

To do so, EHF dedicates its efforts to improving awareness of headache disorders and their impact amongst governments, health care providers and consumers across Europe.