13th European Headache Congress

Migraine does not take lives but days from your life. Take them back!

Dr. Luca Maria Messina



June 2nd 11:30 - 11:45

Student Section

Is a digital platform useful in headache training?


Dr Luca Maria Messina received a medical degree summa cum laude from the University of Palermo, Italy. Resident medical doctor at “AZIENDA OSPEDALIERA UNIVERSITARIA POLICLINICO PAOLO GIACCONE, CHILD NEUROPSYCHIATRY, PALERMO, ITALY”. 
and at “A.R.N.A.S. CIVICO – P.O. DI CRISTINA “OSPEDALE DEI BAMBINI”, PALERMO. ITALY”. DEPARTMENT OF CHILD NEUROPSYCHIATRY. In 2018 he received the fellowship from the EUROPEAN HEADACHE FEDERATION SCHOOL OF ADVANCED STUDIES. SISC (Italian Society for the Study of Headaches) regional councilor from  2018.

From January 2018 to today,I am part of the medical team in the project “La bottega dello 0-3”, a multidisciplinary project aimed at adaptive development of the newborn.
I collaborate with doctor Vincenzo Raieli in the implementation and operation of a digital platform for headache training of specialist. This project includes over 50 members among neurology or child neuropsychiatry specialists, pediatrics and family doctors and uses a website and an app for smartphone.


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