13th European Headache Congress

Migraine does not take lives but days from your life. Take them back!

Mrs. Elena Barbalia

Day of Lecture

May 29th 16:35 - 16:40

The need to accelerate access to new treatments for migraine & cluster headache



•   Athens College – Hellenic-American Educational Foundation: 1996, Award certificate

•   New York University, Νew York: 2000, Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts & Economics

[cum laude]

•   Columbia University, Νew Υork: 2001, Master’s degree in Real Estate Development


•    2000: “The Marketing Directors”, New York, specialization in the promotion and design of skyscrapers

•   2002 – today: Group of companies «Elias G. Barbalias – Special Buildings

Constructions & Real Estate Development»


•   2014 – today: Co-founder of the non-profit organization «Art of Life-Elias G.

Barbalιas», which is actively involved in multifaceted charity projects

•   2018 – today: President of the «Hellenic Headache Alliance»

•   Active participation in multiple charities