13th European Headache Congress

Migraine does not take lives but days from your life. Take them back!

Prof. Rigmor Hoejland Jensen

MD, Dr.Med Sci

Day of Lecture

June 1st  07:30 - 07:50

Teaching Course 3: Cluster Headache & TACs

Social Burden of Cluster Headache


Prof.  Jensen is specialized in Neurology and professor in headache and neurological pain at The University of Copenhagen and the director of The Danish Headache Center, Glostrup Hospital. She is past-president of The European Headache Federation, director in EHMTIC and in Lifting The Global Burden of Headache.  

  • Born in Denmark in 1954.
  • Medical Degree from University of Copenhagen 1981.
  • Specialist in Neurology.
  • Fellowship at The Headache Clinic in Gentofte Hospital under supervision of Professor Jes Olesen, and received a doctoral degree from University of Copenhagen in 1999.
  • Has conducted epidemiological, clinical, and experimental studies of Migraine, Tension-type Headache, Medication Overuse Headache, Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, and Cluster headache.
  • Co-founder and Director of the Danish Headache Center, a multidisciplinary academic headache center, at Rigshospitalet-Glostrup, awarded as Global Excellence in Health in 2010 and 2014.
  • Has published more than 400 scientific papers in refereed journals and text books
  • Present areas of research: Management of headache, CSF-physiology, Pain mechanisms and epidemiology, Medication overuse headache and Cluster headache.
  • Has been working extensively with national and international organisation of headache care, pre- and postgraduate education in headache since 1988.
  • Has served as president of EHF until Sept.2014 and has organized EHMTIC 2014 in Copenhagen with more than 1000 participants.
  • Is a trustee in International Headache Society and Director in Lifting The Burden of Headache
  • Initiated and conduct an International Academic Master Education in Headache Disorders at University of Copenhagen (www.mhd.ku.dk)