13th European Headache Congress

Migraine does not take lives but days from your life. Take them back!

Prof. Peter James Goadsby


Day of Lecture

May 31st 10:50 - 11:30


CGRP in cluster headache


Principle positions held:

1991‐1994 Prince Henry/Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney
Consultant Neurologist

1991‐1993 University of New South Wales
Senior Lecturer in Neurology

1994 University of New South Wales
Associate Professor of Neurology

1995 Institute of Neurology (ION), University College London
Reader in Neurology

1995‐2010 The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square
Hon Consultant Neurologist

1995‐2005 ION
Wellcome Senior Research Fellow

1998‐2010 ION
Professor of Neurology

2011‐2014 Royal Free Hospital, London
Hon Consultant Neurologist

1998-current Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond St, London
Hon Consultant Neurologist

2007‐current University of California, San Francisco
Professor of Neurology

2013‐current King’s College London
Professor of Neurology Director, Clinical Research Facility


Honours and Awards:


2018 Amicum Rhinologiae Polonicae, Societatis Rhinologiae Polonorum

2018 Grunenthal European Pain Award

2018 Inaugural James Lance Lecture, Sunshine Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

2018 H G Wolff MD Award American Headache Society

2017 Lluis Barraquer Ferre Lecture at the 69th Sociedad Espanola de Neurologia, Valencia

2017 Cluster Headache Award Lecture at 100th Anniversary Mondino Foundation, Pavia

2017 International Headache Society Biennial IHC Special Lecture

2017 National Institute of Health Research Senior Investigator Award

2016 Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (FMedSci), UK

2015 Lifetime Achievement Award of the Headache Co‐Operative of New England

2014 Keynote Speaker 9th Gulf Neurology Congress, Muscat

2014 6th Annual Badcock Dental Circle Lecture, Kings College London

2014 H G Wolff MD Award American Headache Society

2013 Sertuerner Research Award, German Pain Society

2013 H G Wolff MD Award American Headache Society

2013 22nd Brendel Trust Lecturer, Auckland, New Zealand

2012 9th Kenneth L Casey Lecture, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2011 39th Tow Prize Lecture, Coast Medical Association, Sydney

2011 Honorary member, Neurological Society of Agra, U.P. India

2011 President, International Headache Society

2010 Honorary Member, Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists

2010 GB Pant Department of Neurology Oration, Delhi

2010 38th Japanese Headache Society Invited Keynote Lecture, Tokyo

2010 Enrico Greppi Award, Societa’ Italiana per lo Studio delle Cefalee

2009 H G Wolff MD Award American Headache Society

2008 Presidential Symposium Speaker Child Neurology Society, Santa Clara

2008 5th Cluster Headache Award Casimiro Mondino Foundation

2008 11th Biennial Migraine Trust Lecture, EHMTIC London

2008 Federigo Sicuteri Lecture Universita' Degli Studi Di Firenze

2007 Seymour Solomon Lecture‐ American Headache Society

2007 Robert Collins Lecture, University of California, Los Angeles

2007 252nd Croonian Lecture, Royal College of Physicians, London

2006 14th Annual Oration of the Indian Academy of Neurology, Bangalore

2005 Honorary Member Societa’ Italiana per lo Studio Delle Cefalee (SISC)

2005 Inaugural Lecture to Pakistan Headache Society, Karachi

2005 Invited lecture International Headache Congress, Kyoto

2004 H G Wolff MD Award American Association for the Study of Headache

2003 NN Gupta Oration, Lucknow

2002 Kaplan Award American Headache Society

2000 Honorary Member of the Belgian Neurological Society

1999 Elected to membership American Neurological Association

1998 Honorary Member Canadian Headache Society/Canadian Neurological Society

1998 Thomas Willis Lecture, Montreal Neurological Institute

1996 MacDonald Critchley Lecture, XIIth Migraine Trust Meeting, London UK

1996 Canadian Neurological Sciences Society, Neurology Lecturer, London Ontario

1994 H G Wolff MD Award American Association for the Study of Headache

1994 Gottschalk Medal, Australian Academy of Science

1993 Edgeworth David Medal of the Royal Society of New South Wales

1992 A.W. Campbell Award from the Australian Neuroscience Society

1991 H G Wolff MD Award American Association for the Study of Headache

1983 H G Wolff MD Award American Association for the Study of Headache