13th European Headache Congress

Migraine does not take lives but days from your life. Take them back!

Dr. Reto M. Agosti


Day of Lecture

May 31st 07:50 - 08:10


Botulin toxin type A for chronic migraine. Experience and new data



1974-1978  Kantonsschule Zurcher Oberland, Wetzikon,  Switzerland ('Maturitaet')

1979-1988  Medical School, University of Zurich, Switzerland ('MD')


Postgraduate  Training

1988-1989  Residency, Neuropathology,  University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

1989-1991  Residency, Neurology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

1991-1992  Internship, Medicine, Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, Boston, MA

1992-1995  Residency, Neurology, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY

1995-1996  Fellowship, Neuro-rehabilitation,  Braintree Hospital, Braintree MA and Boston University (Dr. D. Katz)

1996-1997  Fellowship, Behavioral Neurology, Boston University, Boston MA (Prof. Michael P. Alexander)

July 1997-June1998   Fellowship, Headaches, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA (Dr. M. F. Cutrer, Prof. Michael. Moskowitz)

July 199-June1999   Fellowship, Partners Headaches Center, Massachusetts  General Hospital and Brigham&Women's  Hospital, Boston MA (Dr. M. F. Cutrer, Prof. Michael Moskowitz)



Further Training

(1)  Presurgical epilepsy evaluation, foramen ovale electrodes: Prof. H.G. Wieser,  EEG Department,  Department  of Neurology at University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland (1-6/1990) (2)  Headache: Dr. H.R. Isler at Service for Intractable Headaches, Department of Neurology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland (4-6/1991)

(3)  Pain and Headaches: Dr. N. Katz at Dept. of Anesthesiology,  Brigham and Women's' Hospital, Boston, MA (3/1992)

(4)  Focusing: Dr. Neil Friedman, Dr. Joan Klagsbrun, The Focusing Network, Boston, MA (1996,1997)


Professional and Social Memberships

Swiss Medical Association,  FMH (Switzerland)

Internationale Mediziner Arbeitsgemeinschaft,  Vienna, Austria

International Headache Society (IHS) Swiss Neurological Society (SNG)

F6rderverein Migraneforschung  Schweiz (President) America Academy of Neurology


Academic   Appointments

Instructor in Neurology, Boston University, Boston, MA (1995-1998) Clinical Assistant,  Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA (1998-1999)

Instructor in Neurology (Lehrbeauftragter),  Medical Faculty, University of Zurich, Zurich (from 1999)