13th European Headache Congress

Migraine does not take lives but days from your life. Take them back!

Prof. Dimos D. Mitsikostas


Day of Lecture

May 30th 17.50 - 18.00 

Opening Ceremony

Targets that become treatments: the 5-HT1F story


Prof. Mitsikostas graduated from the Aristotle’s’ University Medical School, Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1985; five years later he obtained his PhD degree in experimental neuropharmacology, from the National & Kapodistrian University, Athens, Greece. He certified in Neurology, in 1993, after he fulfilled the 4-year residency in Neurology Department, Aeginition Hospital, National & Kapodistrian University, Athens, Greece. He has performed post-doc studies in experimental molecular pharmacology of cephalic pain in Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA and in the Institute of Neurology, University College London, London, UK. As active officer of the Hellenic Navy he served and directed the Neurology Department of the Athens Naval Hospital from 2001 until May 2016 when we moved to the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. He teaches medical students, neurology residents and fellows. His research and clinical work is focused on Headache, Multiple Sclerosis, Pain and Nocebo and he has lectured around the country and internationally on all these fields.

Prof. Mitsikostas is currently Past President of the Executive Board of the European Headache Federation (President 2014-2016) and President of the Hellenic Headache Society (2015-2018, 2018-2021).