13th European Headache Congress

Migraine does not take lives but days from your life. Take them back!




Greek gastronomy has a recorded history of around 4,000 years, with special characteristics based on pure and unique quality goods produced on Greek soil. In fact, it was Archestratos who wrote the first cookbook in history (330 B.C.). In truth Greek cuisine has four secrets: good quality fresh ingredients, correct use of flavorings (herbs) and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and simplicity.


Just 500 meters from the Congress Venue, this outstanding restaurant, both traditional and modern, is an excellent choice for an evening meal or a dinner. The Cookoovaya team ensure that each and every visit is unforgettable. It’s not simply a meal, it’s hospitality through an incredible meal. Delicious food, prepared with expertise, passion and experience. Cookoovaya philosophy is based on friends sharing dishes: sampling, tasting, enjoying. The menu changes with the season, and the kitchen is continually evolving. The menu features: salads, cold dishes and raw, wooden oven, charcoal, casserole and fritters, and desserts.


Agora Select Restaurant

This restaurant lays 600 meters from the Congress Venue in the center of Athens. A unique approach to Agora Select that combines years of experience with a new course in the focus area, giving even more emphasis on providing you with the most exquisite, always affordable price.

In a completely renewed list, with international and Mediterranean influences, a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood are added, as well as delicious cooked meals, in really rich portions.

Their first concern, the most sophisticated and fresh ingredients for each of the dishes we prepare for you. Their main goal is to have a delicious feast surrounded by all the elements that will make you feel the magic of enjoying it in a warm and friendly environment.


The  Vezene , is a Greek bistro bar, which has its roots in Lefkada island. Just 10 minutes walking distance from the Congress venue, this restaurant has a personal character, an international look, but also a special love for local traditions. It opened its doors in May 2011, and since then it is bustling with life having the aura of a shop where the world is going well and this sensation is contagious from table to table. 

It was widely accepted and admired by diners, critics and chefs, being the first restaurant in Athens to show off and set up special, off-broadway cuts of meat and the forgotten art of wheat, presenting Greek recipes such as yuevetsi and pastitsio through philosophy of the whole animal butchery. The food follows trails that move between rustic power, family warmth, childhood memories and creative fever, with the dynamics of the deepest-umami delight to unite them. In its wood-burning oven, pies, fresh seafood and fried meats are baked, thus marrying the land with the sea, combining fresh raw materials with primitive techniques that remain simple in their core. 

Kuzina restaurant

In the heart of Athens, under the shade of the temple of Hephaestus on the picturesque Adrianou Street, lies the unique restaurant Kuzina. The old mansion where the restaurant is hosted keeps a hidden surprise for tis guests: the breathtaking view to Acropolis from its Tarazza(rooftop)!

Based on modern Greek cuisine, Aris Tsanaklidis, the renowned chef, creates a unique menu that makes Kuzina stand out for combining traditional cuisine and culinary inventiveness. 

The cozy, unobtrusive ambience combined with the unique view and the inspired menu of the restaurant, have contributed to Kuzina’s success and the awarding of various distinctions. Since 2007, Kuzina is suggested by the Michelin guide, by Gogobot guide and is included in BBC’s list with the world’s top 10 restaurants with view. The Kuzina restaurant is only 3 stops away from the Congress Venue.

Aiolou 68 restaurant

When three friends share their knowledge and love for elegant gastronomy, then the result can only be irresistible. "Aeolou 68" is a unique seafood experience in the center of Athens with many summer decorations that make you feel like you are on a Greek island. The wonderful menu offers fresh Mediterranean seafood with Greek herbs, but does not leave meat lovers aside, as the owners are competent in both kitchens. For the summer season "Aeolou 68" serves selected dishes and fine wines in the coolest and graceful courtyard.


Milos Restaurant, Hilton Hotel



Enjoy the best of Greek cuisine or a thick-cut aged steak at this chic Athens restaurant. With subtle earthy décor and soft lighting, Milos Restaurant is a favorite of local celebrities and guests at the Hilton Athens hotel. Try fresh Aegean seafood or the Milos special - fried zucchini and eggplant with tzatziki.


Vassilenas Restaurant


From Thanasis Vassilenas’ humble taverna – born in the impoverished neighbourhoods of 1920s Piraeus  – to a modern, cosmopolitan restaurant in the heart of Athens on Vrasida Street. A culinary story that spans one hundred years.  A journey filled with the memories and flavours of family recipes that continue to inspire our cuisine today.


Spiros & Vasilis Restaurant



SPIROS & VASILIS is one of the historic restaurants in Athens. Launched by Vasilis Polymeris and his brother Spiros in October 1974, this charming restaurant counts more than 40 years of continuous presence in the dining industry. Today, Vasilis’ son George Polymeris runs the restaurant and responsibly continues the tradition of classic French cuιsine while offering genuine tastes from the French province. The Entrecote Cafe de Paris in its authentic recipe, the homemade Pate Fois Gras, the frogs drumsticks as well as the Burgundry’s snails are some of the carefully executed plates that make their appearance in the restaurants menu. Located behind the American Embassy and the Megaron Mousikis – 5 Lachitos street- walking distance from the Megaron Mousikis Metro Station. For those looking for a piece of France in a lively and homey atmosphere combined with friendly service, SPIROS & VASILIS restaurant always offers a memorable dining experience.


Fuga Restaurant



Set within the lash gardens of Athens Concert Hall, Fuga is a modern, international space representing creative expression, individuality, innovation in its cuisine and environment. A perfect mix of relaxed, yet professional service, stylish food and cocktails in a glamorous location. Traveling, celebrating, sharing the joys of different cultures are behind our concept, which have come together to form a unique blend.


Funky Gourmet



Fine dining that is innovative and also playful, that activates the senses, that truly engages our guests in a stimulating, exciting and unconventional way. They re-think our tradition and create an avant-garde Greek cuisine, that evokes emotions and triggers memories, that is refined, provoking, amusing. A Funky Gourmet cuisine.


Spondi Restaurant



Elegance, refinement and authenticity. These are the words that describe the atmosphere and philosophy of Spondi. Created by Apostolos Trastelis in 1996, Spondi Restaurant is now a point of reference in the country. Their food is prepared with the freshest of products, and thus the menu changes according to the seasons and, of course, the creative imagination of our chef.  He treads skillfully between creativity and tradition, modernity and classicism. He delights the eye with artful presentation and the mouth with exquisite flavors touched by a hint of exoticism. Such food, served impeccably, deserves an appropriate atmosphere, elegant and stylish, which Spondi, a member of the prestigious “Les Grandes Tables du Monde” is proud to offer.


Matsuhisa Athens Restaurant



Home of the world famous Nobu cuisine, the restaurant Matsuhisa Athens has brought the quiet power of Japanese culture and the charm of fusion philosophy to the gastronomic map of Athens. Beautifully nested in one of the city’s most stylish and scenic locations, the Astir Palace, Matsuhisa Athens promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Certainly, the magical location has played a role but it is easy for someone to understand that this is not enough. The Executive chef Nikos Skamnakis has proved worthy of the trust of legendary Nobu and the dishes that come from his kitchen create trends and are extensively discussed within the circle of foodies. The same happens with the sushi chef Tony Vratsanos who knows more than anyone the secrets of the right sushi roll. But there is another “secret” in the popular nature of Matsuhisa Athens and this is its eternal movement and disposition to constantly develop, trying to make a difference, surprise and innovate and hosting frequent events with wine-pairings, signature cocktail tastings and interesting collaborations with guests’ famous bartenders.


Kiku Restaurant Athens



The Handcrafted Japanese Cuisine Experience. From Kolonaki to Mykonos , this group has present and future. As its creator! It was the first Japanese restaurant in Athens, with a very good clientele. So he saw it as a challenge and as an opportunity at the same time. A name for two. And following a third in London. Behind the success of Kiku is hiding the duo who believed in the myth. Κiku was founded in Athens in 1993 and has since become one of the most distinguished luxury & lounge nightlife brand regarding sushi in Greece.


Strofi Athenian Restaurant



Laying its tables since 1975 in the shadow of the holy rock of the Acropolis and staying loyal to the traditional tastes of the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, Strofi remains one of the most historic restaurants in Athens.


L'Abreuvoir Restaurant



Alex Kotsis and his wife Yanna thought that it would be nice to establish a French restaurant at Kolonaki, a beautiful district of Athens. Being a specialist in French cuisine, the cuisine he had been taught and practised in France, Alex Kotsis soon saw his restaurant becoming the favourite place of meeting for the gourmands of Athens, friends of good wines, as well as the restaurant of choice for both business and friendly dinners. As time passed, what was considered to be a novelty in 1965 soon became a strong tradition, tradition of quality, service, and pleasing environment.Abreuvoir's menu -equivalent to those of the best restaurants across the world - never failed to suggest new specialities.


Vlassis Restaurant



Relying on traditional recipes from northern Greece and the islands, as well as gourmet Mediterranean creations, the chefs here whip up some noteworthy home-style cooking in the heart of the city. With a menu that changes every winter and summer, this family-run restaurant, which opened in 1983, always centers on fresh regional ingredients such as fish, seafood, vegetables, cheeses, and meats. In winter, head inside, where large windows look out, and authentic works of art by well-known Greek painters decorate the walls. In summer book a table outdoors and watch the world go by.